Born on the West African Coast in Jos, Hamza a British-Nigerian singer/songwriter/nasheed artist/poet, qualified as a Lawyer and holds a Masters Degree in International Relations.

His true passion has however always been singing and other forms of artistic expression. Blessed with the gift of storytelling, quirky songwriting and a uniquely soulful voice, Ma shaa Allah, Hamza’s songs are introspective, organic but interestingly upbeat and relatable…

Hamza is clearly partial to singing and writing songs that express his faith and promote the triumph of the human spirit over the adversities of life.

In a world where songs are becoming increasingly hedonistic, Hamza seeks to engage in the discourse about the purpose of life, to enlighten, entertain and most importantly, to learn, reflect, and express using the beautiful medium that is song.

There is beauty in your laughter and in the call to prayer. It’s abound in the sound of a thunderous applause and in the beat of a talking drum. It’s in the chirping of a bird and in the blowing of the wind; it’s in the rhythm of a chant, that Allah, is King. Beauty is the beat of my heart

‘As autumn brings down the leaves, life brings you down to your knees, return to Allah. Like spring you’ll flourish and bloom, say goodbye to your gloom, Allah will light your path, Eden will be your prize…

The words are taken from the title track of Hamza’s debut album ’Return to Allah’ – an autobiographical song that is also in many ways, a clarion call that we all return to the path of the creator.